Do you have the right mindset? Is marketing your weak point, or is cash flow a problem? Maybe you need to figure out what you're brilliant at, who you serve and what you offer. Becoming an entrepreneur often comes with challenges, and overwhelm can be a frequent visitor. This is when it's a good idea to take a step back and get a professional perspective. See biz packages  here

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Paula McSporren Aus.

"I have 3 new contracts for paying clients and have seen through to completion other projects that in the past, I would have put to the side and started new ones. I have clear financial targets and know what I stand for. 

Joan is a highly skilled coach and her style was a great fit for me as I needed a no B.S approach and that’s what I got, plus so much more."
Paula McSporran | Founder and CEO |The Performance Institute

Ginny Kuhel SF - USA

Joan is one of the most amazing coaches I have worked with in my business career. I recently enrolled in her “Get Clients Now” program and found it to be an effective and efficient way to ramp up my business. Joan kept me on track throughout the process and was my greatest support when I questioned whether I even wanted to be an entrepreneur.

She helped me set 3 specific goals, (which I thought were quite a stretch for me) and yet I accomplished them in only 4 short weeks. The daily actions, accountability, and the book itself kept me on a forward trajectory. I was excited by how well this process worked & can't thank Joan enough for being there for me.

Ginny Kuhel |KuhelBreez Consulting | HR Specialist 

Teri Thomas NY. USA

Joan Bell is just phenomenal. She has a way of cutting to what’s most important and brings it to light in a quick and powerful way. When we worked together she was able to tune in and reflect back exactly what I needed most in the moment. I was able to create a clear statement of intent for myself that has helped to guide me ever since! If you get the chance to work with Joan, don’t pass it up. She’s an inspiration!”

Teri Thomas | Founder | Guilt Free Motherhood 

Christopher PeilPatent Attorney SF USA

"I have worked with coaches before and always dreaded the weekly coaching sessions. With Joan, I looked forward to them and being able to share with her whatever had come up during the week.  We were both very pleased with my results from the program, and I found working with her completely worthwhile. I encourage anyone who is considering working with Joan to go ahead and do it. You won't find a better partner and ally. Full testimonial here

Christopher Peil | Patent Attorney |Intellectual Property Lawyer

About Joan

Hello, I'm Joan Bell and I'd love to help you  get more clients, consistently.

If your business  is struggling or you need some clarity on your next steps it can help to talk it over  with someone who's been where you are now. 

 I'm the type of coach who 's practical and results focused.

I especially love to work with women (and men) who are 'late bloomers'  or are transitioning from another career and are ready for change.

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