Whether you're a newbie, late bloomer or seasoned pro, the doubt and fear gremlins may still pay a visit. Getting someone else's perspective and being listened to without judgement helps you get unstuck, into action and excited about your business again. You don't have to do it all on your own.  Even geniuses like you need support occasionally.                         See Biz Packages here ...

Life  Coaching can be Life Changing. What would it take for you to live your life in full expression?  What would be different then?Learn how to clear old patterns and install those that serve you better.  NLP gives you  lifetime resources for change and growth. In fact, it's like having your  own secret 'Swiss army pocket knife'  for your life.  Get more information here ....

Marketing sucks! Yes, if you follow the old paradigms it often does suck. But it doesn't have to. Marketing is simply a matter of telling people what you do, over and over, so that you are top of mind when they need what you offer. When we work together you get to create a marketing plan that works and create mindsets for success..  And it's fun!                                     Get more  information here ...

Paula McSporren Aus.

"I have 3 new contracts for paying clients and have seen through to completion other projects that in the past, I would have put to the side and started new ones. I have clear financial targets and know what I stand for. 

Joan is a highly skilled coach and her style was a great fit for me as I needed a no B.S approach and that’s what I got, plus so much more."
Paula McSporran, Founder and CEO, The Performance Institute

Teri Thomas NY. USA

Joan Bell is just phenomenal. She has a way of cutting to what’s most important and brings it to light in a quick and powerful way. When we worked together she was able to tune in and reflect back exactly what I needed most in the moment. I was able to create a clear statement of intent for myself that has helped to guide me ever since! If you get the chance to work with Joan, don’t pass it up. She’s an inspiration!”

About Joan

Hello, I'm Joan Bell and I'd love to help you  get more clients, consistently.

If you aren't loving what you do and would like to change that I can help you.  No matter what age or stage you are at in life, it's never too late.

 I'm the kind of coach who's practical, hands on and tells it like it is. If you want someone who will be there for you, support you, guide you and hold you accountable, I'm a good choice. If you are fed up with procrastinating, making scattered decisions and time wasting, I'd love to speak with  you.