YOUR 28 DAY MARKETING & SALES PLAN 

I invite you to become one of thousands of like-minded professionals to create a personalised marketing & sales plan you will love!  Either in a group or 1 on 1

This time tested programme has been used by thousands of professionals world-wide to help them create and market their message in ways that align with their values, preferences and  unique talents and skills.  

You get to choose from the menu, exactly what, how often and with whom you will market to and receive the support and coaching  to help you follow through.

"Not only tells you the absolute truth about landing new clients, but also can transform you from a marketing amateur into a marketing genius."  Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series of books.

This is for you if...

You're a Coach, NLP'er or Solopreneur who is ready to fast-track your marketing skills and prepare for a steady stream of ideal clients.

 What You Will Learn - (Step by Step)

  • How to create a 28-day marketing plan that uniquely fits you and your business
  • What really works to market a professional services business, and what doesn’t
  • Marketing approaches that “play to your strengths,” reducing your fear or self-doubt
  • Where to put your marketing effort, guided by the Universal Marketing Cycle - easy breezy!
  • Discover the missing ingredients that have prevented your marketing from being successful
  • Break out of “analysis paralysis” and make the right marketing choices with ease
  • The simple steps you will take every day to get clients consistently and without overwhelm

Here's what's included

Everything you need to get and keep more clients is covered in this 28 day programme. And the best part is that you can use it again and again as your business grows. 

Training Seminars

2 x 90 minute seminars by phone (call from anywhere - no special equipment is required

Group Coaching

4 x Group Sessions by phone to  report progress, ask questions and  receive coaching as needed

Marketing Toolkit

You have access to a toolkit of tested sales and marketing techniques to help you moving forward

Exquisite Support

Joan offers exquisite support to all her students and clients, this programme is no exception

28 day Marketing Plan

Create your own bespoke 28 day marketing plan that you can tweak and use over and over again as your biz grows


This programme was designed specifically to help you get clients and provides the tools to do that

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What others are saying about GET CLIENTS NOW!

Ginny Kuhel SF - USA

Joan is one of the most amazing coaches I have worked with in my business career. I recently enrolled in her “Get Clients Now” program and found it to be an effective and efficient way to ramp up my business. Joan kept me on track throughout the process and was my greatest support when I questioned whether I even wanted to be an entrepreneur.

She helped me set 3 specific goals, (which I thought were quite a stretch for me) and yet I accomplished them in only 4 short weeks. The daily actions, accountability, and the book itself kept me on a forward trajectory. I was excited by how well this process worked & can't thank Joan enough for being there for me.

Ginny Kuhel |KuhelBreez Consulting | HR Specialist 

Christopher Peil SF - USA

Recently, I had the pleasure of being a client of Joan’s when she was my marketing coach for a cycle of the 28-day “Get Clients Now” (GCN) marketing program for small businesses. This was my first time working with GCN.

At first, I resisted the program’s structure. Joan was firm and persistent in making sure that I followed the mechanics of the program and that I appreciated the importance of recording my results accurately, in the manner recommended by the program. It was a bit frustrating, but after we negotiated that hurdle, the program became lots of fun.

My focus for the program was networking and referrals in order to generate leads. Each of our weekly sessions started out with my reporting my activities and results for the week. If I fell short, we tried to isolate the problem. It was at times when I consistently failed to perform on a goal that I really realized what a strong ally Joan was for me. My customary response, of course, was to assume that there was something wrong with me because I was falling short on the goal. Using a client-centered approach, Joan went at the problem assuming there was something wrong with the goal, instead of me, and that the goal needed to be modified or abandoned. The first time this happened, I made the decision to dive in and really work with her. Working together in this way, we made “Get Clients Now” into my program, instead of a program.

I have worked with coaches before and always dreaded the weekly coaching sessions. With Joan, I looked forward to them and being able to share with her whatever had come up during the week.

Joan and I were both very pleased with my results from the program, and I found working with her completely worthwhile. I encourage anyone who is considering working with Joan to go ahead and do it. You won’t find a better partner and ally.

Christopher Peil | Patent Attorney | Intellectual Property Lawyer| SF USA​

"I decided to take the GCN Program with Joan as I knew this would assist me to focus on the most productive outcomes in implementing my business plan. Joan guided me in creating an action plan that suited my immediate goals and personal preferences. Her encouragement together with the weekly check-ins for accountability and coaching were very supportive.

I highly recommend Joan and the GCN Program to anyone who wants to learn and implement strategies at whatever stage they are in their business development.

Helen Star | Professional Services Coaching and Mentoring ANZPOP

"GET CLIENTS NOW! gave me concrete answers to setting up a system that would work...I found a way to harness the leads I had and creatively pursue others"

- Judy Foley, Dating Service Owner

I'n new in business - will GCN work  for me?

I'm in the USA and you're in Australia - how does that work?

Do I need to be  tech' savvy?

Is personal coaching included?

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 GET CLIENTS NOW! programme 

I like to keep these groups small and intimate to provide a more personalised service. If you have your own small group (4 - 7 participants) please contact me for details and I can tailor a programme to suit your specific needs,

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  • 4 X Group Coaching Sessions
  • Toolkit of tested sales and marketing techniques
  • Customized marketing plan you can use over and      over as your business grows
  • Accountability, perspective and support to design and implement your plan

1 Payment of   $325 USD


1 ON 1 PROGRAMME OPTION gives you more coaching time, resources  and support!,


(or  2 x 1 hour seminars if time is limited.)

  • Bespoke Coaching 
  • Toolkit of tested sales and marketing techniques
  • Customized marketing plan you can use over and      over as your business grows
  • Accountability, perspective and support to design and implement your plan

1 Payment of   $595.00 USD


August 3rd/4th   wherever you are in the world.

1) DIVE into the GET CLIENTS NOW! Programme -  2 Hours / 5.00 PM - This is where we take the mystery (and misery) out of marketing!

2) Roll up your sleeves session to create your personal 28 day plan - 2 hours of roll-up-your-sleeves plan creation. This is the fun piece, and you get to design it. 

3) PROGRAMME KICK-OFF session - bring your questions 

4) Accountability and Coaching sessions - each week - You're doing this!Woohoo!

Each week builds up on the previous week, you learn more, you do more and marketing becomes more familiar to you. I'm there for you when you get stuck, and to cheer you on when you have a win. Nothing is left to chance in this very special marketing program. Begin where you are, plan your outcomes then get into action and  make them happen.  The best way to learn anything is by doing it and that's why the GCN program works so well. You are in control


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When I first began coaching more than 10 years ago now I was clueless when it came to marketing. I had come from a Fitness background.  I eventually discovered the Get Clients Now! book and thought I'd give it a shot, nothing else was working.  I immediately knew it was different, it actually allowed me to be myself and market myself in  ways that I could handle without selling my soul. The more books I read and courses I took the more I realised I liked the biz side of coaching and wanted to share that.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago and I become a GCN facilitator to show others a simple, easy, user friendly resource and help them get clients without resorting to salesy,  'gimme, gimme', practices that left them feeling like they needed a shower afterward! 

Get Clients Now! gives you a way to market your services and programmes that feels good and right.  At least that's how it was for me. I couldn't wait to share them and that took the 'ickyness' out of it.. Now I actually enjoy marketing. I'd love you to join me for a group or 1 on 1 programme and let you discover for yourself how brilliant this programme is - wherever you are in the world.

                It's the small actions we take consistently that lead to the biggest results in the long term

Joan Bell | BizCoach 101