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How to attract clients by being yourself

My writing mentor Henneke of Enchanting Marketing has drawn this gorgeous and valuable infographic which describes the right and wrong way to get clients. I absolutely love it and hope it gives you some ideas. If you'd like to read her complete article, visit her Blog by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Henneke will teach you how to write like a pro and make it fun. She also offers writing courses.

How to Write a Persuasive Sales Page: A Beginner's Guide

How to Write a Persuasive Sales Page, courtesy of Henneke at Enchanting Marketing

Coaches! – Super-simple tips to make writing a breeze (with examples)

When even coffee doesn't help

Anna opens up her laptop, settles into her chair and stares at the blank screen for a few long minutes. She gets up, goes to the kitchen  and makes a coffee. Coffee always helps.....

except for this time.

She decides to check her FaceBook page for inspiration. Thirty minutes goes by before Anna opens up another tab and checks her mail.

A friend is having a mini-crisis so she calls her up and by the time she gets back to her writing it's late afternoon. By then Anna's energy has hit rock bottom and she decides to write the article tomorrow when she’s feeling fresher.

The above scenario is being played out in homes and offices across the globe every single day by  lifestyle-business owners.

By creating structure around your writing habits you tend to avoid situations like the one above. If you’re a lifestyle-business owner and whether you like writing or not, you still need to create some kind of content to share with your ideal clients and prospective clients.

Don't be like Anna.

Let me help you get a handle on how you might do this in a simple, easy to follow and structured fashion. Being organised wasn't something I was familiar with until I became a coach and lifestyle-business owner. If writing is something you personally struggle with then please, use these steps with my blessing. Having systems and structures in place was the catalyst for me when it came to attracting and nurturing clients and living a life I love. I wonder why we make things so difficult for ourselves?

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A Lifestyle-Business (for Coaches and Solopreneurs)


Have you ever sat down and thought about how your life could be different? If there was some way that you could do what you love, earn a good living doing it and have a Lifestyle Business that reflected everything that’s important to you?

How good would that be?

Well, that's what I’ve been doing for around 25 years now. And even though friends, colleagues and even clients have urged me to coach around this I’ve hesitated.

When you're in the middle of something it’s pretty hard to see it as an observer. Recently I had a light bulb moment (and a great coach) and realised that I don’t need to teach lifestyle-business ‘secrets' but rather be a catalyst for change for those who are thinking along those lines. BOOM!


And that's what I decided to do. Yes, I'll still be coaching around mindset, marketing and money and whatever else comes up in the coaching conversations but the overall focus of my coaching now will be around helping you create a lifestyle-business that you love and affords you the time, energy, money and personal satisfaction that lights you up.

I know that the people in my community are like-minded and have even (albeit gingerly) toyed with the idea of backing their business into their lifestyle and experiencing more of the good stuff that life has to offer. It isn’t about money so much as personal wealth. The wealth that comes from a life well lived.

A life where you design the days, hours and ways you will earn a living and live a good life and make a difference. It’s about creating a lifestyle that isn’t necessarily 9 to 5 (and then some). A lifestyle that isn’t about getting into debt or selling your soul to put food on the table. A different kind of lifestyle that you get to create.

What decisions are you making (and sticking with) that are holding you captive? And what decisions are you willing to make now that will move you closer to living your life with purpose, passion and a knowing that what you truly want is available to you, if only you have the willingness (and desire) to stand up and ask for it. A lifestyle business can be anything you want it to be. 

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How Coaches get Clients | My 3 favourite super-simple steps!

What’s your best strategy for getting clients? Would either of these two be a fit?

“I do Facebook and Twitter and send the odd newsletter. I sometimes go to networking meetings, or

"I have a plan, a set of daily and weekly action steps that I take consistently and I follow up on all of them. I prefer to stay ahead of the game and know exactly what to do next with each client and prospective client. No surprises".

I’ve gotta say, that the last strategy is the least common of the two. The following steps will help you create your own system and take your marketing up a notch or two. This is how coaches get clients for the long term. It begins with setting a good foundation

My 3 favourite super-simple steps​

1. CONNECT: You need to connect with people you want to work with. (ideal clients.) You also need to connect with those who know others who might be interested in your services, and you need to re-connect with old acquaintances, ex-clients and even family members and friends who may be able to send clients your way. Write them all down.

Action: Make three lists.

1. People you want to do business with = Ideal clients you would love to work with, ex- clients who may want to work with you again, and anyone who has shown interest in your business

2. People who can help you get clients = JV partners, colleagues, people you’ve met at networking meetings or in day-to-day business interactions

3. Everyone else; friends, family members, your hairdresser, etc.

Tell them what you do, who for and how they can help. Design a plan, go through the list one by one and keep a follow-up sheet to follow up at least five times. Start with the easier connections and build up as you go. It might help if you create an intention and set a goal for how many ‘discovery sessions’ or paid clients you want to get, and when.

 Example: Ten discovery sessions in thirty days or, if you’re more experienced you might want to aim for X-number of clients in thirty days. Make 'connecting' your first action of the day so that it gets done - and make your actions count.

2. FOLLOW UP People are busy and bombarded with offers and information, and unless you’re Oprah, they won’t stop what they’re doing to get right back to you. Think of your calls as being of service, which is exactly what they are. You’re offering a service that could ultimately change their life or their bottom line, Of course, they want to hire you, just maybe not right now. So follow up and don’t be shy about it.

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