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Do you HATE asking for money? Try on a new mindset

Do you hate asking for money? Do you enter a discovery or strategy session thinking “OMG, what if they are interested and I have to ask them to sign up”? What will I do? I hate asking for money.

And then if you do manage to get through the call and that moment arrives, do you fumble and mumble and almost talk them out of working with you?

Ok, that is slightly dramatised but I know it comes close to how many coaches and entrepreneurs feel, even before they begin the discovery conversation. So with that mindset, they move forward and wonder why the prospective client doesn’t sign up.

Or worse still, they lower their fees or offer a ridiculous discount, and even then they don’t do it with confidence or conviction. There's second guessing, self-limiting beliefs and a host of other unhelpful mindsets going on.

Odd isn’t it, that otherwise confident, savvy solopreneurs come out in a sweat when it comes to asking for the business and simply HATE asking for money. Let's change that.

It begins with the mindset. Why would you be hesitant about asking for money if you believed in what you do? Makes no sense does it? So do we assume that you don’t believe in yourself or that you don’t believe you can give the client what they want, OR something else?

I’m guessing it’s the something else and believe me you are not alone in this. The 'something else' could be an incident that occurred when you were a child or an experience you had at any time of your life. And strangely enough, it doesn’t have to be related to either money or confidence.

It’s the MEANING that we give to something that is important here. Two people can watch a movie, and one is terrified out of her wits, and the other one thinks it’s funny. It all depends on the personal experiences and influences they have had and the meaning they attach to those experiences.

It’s related to MINDSET. Your mindset comprises of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs you have about an event or subject. When the Meaning and Mindset combine they can be incredibly powerful and when you include your BELIEFS you have the rocket fuel for the actions you take or don’t take.

Hating asking for money is a good example of what I have just described. If you want to change that then you can look back to a time in your life when you have successfully asked for something (doesn't have to be money) and notice what you did differently, how you felt, what you were saying to yourself at the time.What did you believe about that? You can then tap into that gathered information when asking for money. Change your mindset, change your results. I know that sounds simple, and it is. Try it. It may take a few practice sessions, persevere.

It’s also important to think about what you do for clients as a service professional and how you would be doing them a disservice if you don’t present yourself at your best. It isn’t about you. Be a model for them. Once you have mastered your ‘craft’, it’s almost a duty to share it, and if you want to do that as a professional then you need to charge a healthy fee. Believing that you 'deserve' that fee is key. 

Decide to do whatever it takes. Whether it’s updating your skills or creating more useful mindsets. BTW, you are never without a mindset so you might as well decide which ones you want to wear - and when. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have, and it's a free resource. Makes sense to use it, right? I'm not saying you'll begin to LOVE it, but I'm pretty sure you'll no longer hate asking for money. 

What is your mindset as you read this? Curious? Bored? Hopeful? Excited? Try a few on and notice how your breathing and body language changes. Learn to use them. Practice using them. Begin to notice the different mindsets you experience as you go about your day. Get familiar with them.

Become the fearless, savvy, confident and competent biz owner you've always wanted to be. Stand in your power and genius and allow yourself to be exactly where you are now with the intention of changing, improving and growing into an even better you.

Creating a checklist of successful mindsets is a great start. Your new clients (and your bank account) will love you for it!

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Joan Bell - NLP MP
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What do you do? You have 10 seconds to get this right!

When someone asks you "So what do you do? you might have only 10 seconds to reply. The one question you need to ask yourself (I share it below) will help you to get crystal clear on how to respond to that "what do you do?" question with confidence and a dash of panache.

Typically, elevator speeches are usually around 30 seconds but what if the person is only going up a couple of floors? I like to have a few versions prepared. You might want to create a 10, 30 and 90 second option. If you nail the 10-second version, the others will be a breeze, and it's a great place to start.

Coaches and professionals around the world often break out into a sweat when someone asks "What do you do?"

Do you stammer and stutter and mumble something under your breath? Something like

“I’m a coach, and I help people have great lives.”

“I help women gain confidence” I’m a life coach

“I help business people in their business” I’m a business consultant (Ouch!)

Not very memorable are they, especially if you only have a couple of minutes to get your message across. Have you ever suffered from the cringe factor? Yeh, me too!

Even ‘Gurus’ get stuck

A colleague of mine shared a story about a coaching conference he attended. A dozen or so top-of-their-game coaches were standing around the hotel foyer when a curious hotel guest (who had read the conference banners) asked them innocently “ So what do Coaches do?

CRICKETS! They were all of a sudden speechless for a few long seconds. So yes, it even happens to the best.

That’s why it’s extremely important to know what to say so that the person you are connecting with will be interested enough to ask another question.

They may not even be suitable clients for you, but they could be a brilliant referral source. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they wouldn’t be interested and avoid sharing information with them. Everyone you meet is a potential referral source or future client.

Practice Practice Practice

When you have crafted your elevator speech using my tips below, practise using it so that it becomes second nature and play with it until you get it ‘just right'. As your business evolves so will your elevator speech.You might even have a repertoire of opening lines. Those few well-chosen words could be the start of something spectacular.

I remember how I would tell people “I’m a coach” and that was it! Most of them had no idea what a coach was and when I began to ask myself 'the question' was when I got the answers to my “what do you do?” response. It took me quite a while to figure that out.

What is that one Simple Question?

So, what do you do? 

I’m a fitness trainer - So What? - (Yes, that's the one question; short, simple, powerful)

Well, I help people get fit - So What?

So they can lose weight - and feel great - So What?

So they can wear what they want and be kick-ass confident - So what? So,...... People?

The lightbulb went on

"I help women 40+ lose the last 5 KG and get kick-ass confident, so they can wear what they like and take back control of their lives".

BOOM!  >>> Not bad

Can you see/hear how that amended description would give this fitness trainer some terrific information for her website, articles and programmes? Can you sense how much easier it would be to create packages for these ideal clients? She could get even clearer with some more questioning.

Ok Now it’s your turn.

So, tell me, what do you do?


Ask yourself,  "So, what do you do"?

Respond with your first thought, then ask

"So what"?

Do that at least 3 or 4 times until you get to a point where your answer evokes a response within you. You kind of feel it in your body. If you need to add another word/question as I did in the example, do that. If you feel odd talking to yourself, buddy up with someone. (We talk to ourselves all day long)

This breakthrough can happen very quickly or may take a few attempts. Stick with it so that you actually begin to feel very comfortable with your response. Make sure that your intro' ends with a 'so' or 'so that' which relates to the reason behind what you do, the key piece that is holding your client back. 

Do you have a favourite tip on what to say in response to the "What do you do" question? ​

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At this time of year I love to take some time to myself and ruminate over the events of the past 12 months. It's my time to reflect, review and renew.What did I love, what worked, what do I want to focus on next year,? that kind of thing.

If you would like to grab a cup of your favourite beverage and join me in my virtual garden I would love to welcome you and walk you through the steps. First of all you will need to download the Playsheets by leaving your details on the form below, and then carve out some time to answer the questions. Ready? Lets, go.

Read through the exercises first and then using the Playsheet, begin to answer the questions. Be judgement-free in your answers. All we are doing here is gathering information. Your wins and successes don’t need to be major or even complete. If you felt like you achieved something or learned something, it’s a win. Now go for it.


On a piece of paper write down whatever comes to mind about all the good stuff that happened for you this year. The wins, the achievements, the aha’s and insights. Keep on writing until you stop. These wins may or may not be associated with your business, that’s fine, add them in. Writing these down will help you remember what was important to you (or not). When you stop writing, take a moment and check in to see if you’ve missed anything. We often gloss over stuff that was easy for us and therefore don’t get to acknowledge our expertise or skills. Add in anything you missed. Ask colleagues and friends if you need a nudge. If you're wondering why I'm only suggesting you think of the good stuff and not the rest, the reason is that we spend way too much time focusing on what doesn't work and too little time on what does. I want to change that right now. 

Where focus goes, energy grows. Tony Robbins

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After reflection comes REVIEW

When you look at everything you have written, what comes up for you? Are you elated, deflated, or something in between? What was brilliant and what could have been better? Remember, no judgement. Follow the suggestion below to help you relax into your thoughts.

Imagine yourself lying face down on a big puffy white cloud, looking down at the gorgeous scenery below, totally detached - like a kid, and think about anything that came up for you that you might want to change or improve. Take as long as you like. What insights are surfacing for you now? Does anything stand out as important? Make mental notes so that you can jot them down later, then come back down to earth.

By the way, this cloud is a great place to visit whenever you need some quiet ‘me’ time, and no bookings are needed.

And finally let’s RENEW

Forget about the exercises for a day and then review your answers. Is there anything that stands out? It might be something you want to begin, to to end or complete. You might even feel that you are totally on the wrong track (this does happen) and don’t want to give any more time or energy to a project, a business idea or personal issue. Whatever comes up for you is perfect. Remember it's your life, you get to choose.

Now what could you or what will you do with that information? How can you step forward with a new incentive, more energy and the passion to make it happen. What one thing can you turn into your mission, your movement or your new incentivised goal? Or, what can you stop doing to free up some energy for what you really want in your business and life?

Please do this exercise with the full intention of following through. So many of us tend to do exercises like this and then abandon them. Take action within 24 hours and start the ball rolling. Then do something else, and keep going with these steps until you manifest that one thing that you want to be, do or have.

If you’re a big picture thinker (like me) it can be difficult to focus on details, and this is where you need to be a hard taskmaster or hire someone to organise the details for you. You, however will still need to be in control and do the work - and make sure it is carried out.

OK, Brilliant. I’ve got your back and you know where I am if you want help with getting absolute clarity on how you want 2017 to pan out, starting exactly where you are now. So, no excuses.

Download your free Playsheeet; play the game and get the results you want.  Say NO to new year resolutions and start your own 2017 Revolution!

Anything you’d like to add? What has worked for you?

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Joan Bell - NLP MP
Biz, Marketing and Mindset Coach

Coaches – Get more clients and reveal your Inner Winner

Your Inner Winner is the part of you that knows. The part of you that you struggle with because it challenges you and scares you. If you ignore this inner winner you may end up frustrated, cash-poor and wondering whether it's all worth it. Your inner winner is your mindset. Learn how to use it and then stand back in awe as you begin to manifest everything you've ever wanted. It can happen very fast.

Do you find yourself getting excited about a new programme you've just  created? Or do you schedule a bunch of discovery sessions and then begin to second guess yourself? Do you find yourself thinking thoughts like..

1. Am I good enough?
2. Do I really know enough?
3. Will they see straight through my facade?
4. What if I don't know what to say next?
5. Is this even worth it? Who am I to ............? (fill in the blank)

Yes? Well, guess what, you and about 100,000 other coaches and professionals. AT EVERY LEVEL feel this way too, to some extent. Crazy I know, but as we build and grow our businesses we reach new heights, see bigger pictures, and each time we experience  self-limiting beliefs. It's a given. Get used to it.

The following short extract from my Home-study course  "Your  Inner Winner" will give you more clarity on the differences between a Constricted Mindset and an Expansive Mindset. Where do you see yourself? (The course gives strategies & steps to help you adopt the mindsets of successful entrepreneurs, beginning with a cool Quiz to help you discover exactly where you stand) 

What is meant by a Constricted or Expansive mindset?

A constricted mindset is noticed in someone who masters something quickly and then plateaus and fails to improve further. They will either succeed at first try or give up in disappointment. Their inner voice has already told them that they're either good enough - or not. On the other hand,
An expansive mindset is witnessed in someone who learns gradually, accepting new challenges and solving problems along the way. Giving up doesn't even come into the thought process.

These different mindsets can be recognized in early childhood. When given a challenging puzzle to solve, some children will try, fail, and become quickly disinterested and give up. Other children try, and even though they don't experience immediate success, they become engaged. They see it as a problem to solve and spend time with it. We often say of kids like this that they love a good challenge.

These mindsets also reveal themselves to us later in life. Think back to someone you knew in high school who had everything going well for them. They were intelligent, talented, and personable, and seemed to have everything sorted. But in recent years, you reconnect with this person on social media or at a high school reunion. You're shocked to learn that their life took off early and then seems to have fizzled out or stagnated. Most likely, this is a person who has a constricted mindset and didn't continue growing and evolving in the way that you'd expected.

On the other hand, if you reconnect with someone who has an expansive mindset, they might have gone on to achieve more than you ever expected. S/he may not have seemed like the type who was bound for great things, but over time, s/he has achieved great success.

Here I've listed some key characteristics of the constricted vs. the expansive mindset.

So far we've talked about constricted and expansive mindsets as though they were rigid personality characteristics, but this is not the case. Mindset is situational. You may use one or the other in particular situations, as well as at different times of your life. Can you think of any examples? Perhaps when you were job searching, or setting up your business and then again when you landed a coveted job or began to attract some really fun clients. What about when you began a new exercise regime? Learn to acknowledge them and think about when or where they could serve you.

Embrace your Inner Entrepreneur (your inner winner)

It's quite common to adopt an expansive mindset in activities where you have more interest or experience, however,..

Defaulting to a constricted mindset, whether situationally or for a large portion of your life, can limit your success, health, and happiness in the long-term. Realizing that you have a choice can make the difference that determines whether you are successful or not.

It all comes back to choice, and we always have choices. It's also about noticing the traits, beliefs and habits that you have adopted and whether you are growing or stagnating. When you can acknowledge a restricted mindset and then decide to change it to a mindset that serves you better- you will begin to notice that life and business become easier, more lucrative and a lot more fun!

What excites me about the human mind is that we have the power to change anything that no longer works for us. We can literally be, do or have pretty much anything that we want if we are willing to step up and claim who we want to be. I'm lucky that I get to help clients acknowledge and change what no longer serves them so that they are then freed up, and fired up to move forward with more passion and purpose.

On that note, I will leave you to take a look at some of your current mindsets. Are they serving you or do they need a reboot? What would you have to believe to be the best version of you? Who would you need to be? What mindsets would support that? Tough questions I know but well worth thinking about. Life's way too short to waste time being afraid of something that likely doesn't even exist, except in your own mind. And when all is said and done, what's the worst that could happen?

 When you need help with mindsets, marketing or business, I'm an email or phone call away. Give yourself the gift of asking, and arrange an appointment with me. Share what is going on for you and how working together would be a great next step to ensure that you end the year (or begin the New Year) with new mindsets and actions to get you unstuck and excited again about your business and your life.

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Joan Bell - NLP MP
Biz, Marketing and Mindset Coach