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 Lifestyle-Biz Coaching - Make it Happen!

Are you ready to attract more clients? Do you want to create a sustainable lucrative business without having to sell your soul?  Brilliant! You're in the right place.

If you're a coach or service professional and you're ready to take yourself and your business more seriously (without being serious) this programme would be a great start. And you get to start exactly where you are.

​You might be transitioning from a job or career. You might be a newbie or a late bloomer. You might even have been in business a couple of years or so. (It took me a long time  to get sorted)

One thing that stands out is that you don't have a full practice and you're sick of second guessing yourself. You're ready to get unstuck, into action and excited about your business. Some clients need clarity and focus and others need a gentle kick in the pants from someone who has their back and has some experience of what they're going through.. That'd be me. 

Is this you? :  

  • You're smart, savvy, spirited 
  • You follow through on agreed actions
  • You're ready to change self-limiting beliefs
  • You're excited to create a lifestyle-biz you will love
  • You are ready for more fun in your business and life

You may need support with:

  • Creating and implementing an Action Plan / to get more clients
  • Designing your first (or next) signature programme/to get more clients
  • Systems and strategies to stay on track and organized /to get more clients
  • Mindsets/Accountability/Environments/Boundaries/to get more clients  
  •  Strategies to help you get and stay motivated and inspired / To have a great Biz and a great Lifestyle

These are just samples of the kind of clients I like to work with and the issues they may be facing . The best way to find out if we would be a great match is to book your  Discovery session so that we can discuss exactly what you need, to get the results you want. I offer a number of packages depending on your goals and preferences or we can design one together. Below I have a sample of an  entry level package,  MAKE IT HAPPEN! Biz Booster package  which is a great choice if you are feeling stuck  and you're ready to get into action.  

I'm in a position where I get to choose who I work with and if that's you and we're a great fit, brilliant! You'll discover that I'm open, transparent and totally invested in seeing my clients succeed. When you have a win, I do too. 

What others are saying:

 Wendy McClelland 


I had a fantastic coaching call with Joan. She helped me organize my scattered thoughts about my next steps for my business. By the end of our call I had clear direction on moving forward and am now more excited than ever about my business!


Wendy McClelland | Canada

 Zoe Mansbridge


I can’t thank Joan enough for the recent breakthrough I had around finances. Before our conversation I was feeling very stuck with financial abundance but I couldn’t pinpoint what the block was. After Joan’s powerful coaching I was able to tap into the negative thoughts and patterns that I now realize had been holding me back.

 I feel amazing, empowered and my financial abundance has already shifted for the better. Joan’s simple but effective approach gave me fantastic results and I feel I have turned a huge corner in transforming my mindset around money. Thank you so much Joan.” (Zoe Mansbridge, Lifenergy, UK)

Zoe Mansbridge | UK

 Sher Wellwood


"Joan Bell is a powerhouse of action-oriented energy. Working with Joan propelled me forward toward the life I always dreamed of creating. I felt fully supported while I was challenged to take the big risks required for me to create life on my own terms.

Sher Wellwood | USA

Here's what's included in 'MAKE IT HAPPEN'  Biz Booster 

  • 1  x Power Hour session to get crystal clear on your goal (the results you want to achieve)
  • 3 x 45 minute bespoke coaching sessions to help you reach those goals (action oriented & focused on your specific needs)
  • Unlimited communication via Private Portal (all of our communications in one place)
  • Mindset reset - Define and eliminate limiting beliefs or patterns that are holding you back
  • Pre & post coaching calls support strategies and tools to keep you on track - 
  • Private Client Log to store notes and insights (24 hour access)
  • Calendar entries and appointments are shown in your personal time zone
  • BONUS  - Catch up call (30 mins) within 21 days of completion of package. Ask me anything.
  • The sooner you get your biz up to speed the quicker you can begin to live your perfect lifestyle!


If you would like to speak with me before you make your purchase please book a "Make it Happen" discovery session with my Online Calendar  During this valuable session you will have an opportunity to discuss your biggest goals and obstacles and together we will create your next actions steps. 

These sessions are pure gold and some clients tell me that they've gotten more out of them than paid sessions  elsewhere. No obligation of course, and whatever happens we'll both be richer for the experience. You can email me personally to with 'BB discovery session' in the subject heading .

I offer this virtual session free to those of you who genuinely want to take your business to the next level and want to do it in ways that are fun, focused and aligned with what matters to you.  Wherever you are right now in your business is perfect, as long as your direction is upward and you are looking for a more meaningful lifestyle. Go to my Online Calendar now to book your free "Make it Happen session.

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