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About Me

I've always travelled to the beat of a different drummer and never quite fit into the 9 to 5 grind. Growing up in a large family in the North of England I quickly learned how to become self reliant and resourceful. These skills served me well as I moved from job to job, never quite finding my niche in life.

In my forties, I became a fitness fanatic. Deciding to make fitness my new career I enrolled into the finest fitness training school in Australia at the time and became a fitness professional. I was in heaven. I could create my own schedule, choose the classes I wanted to teach and the gyms I wanted to work in. I became super fit and even more invested in a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Teaching, training and speaking with participants, I quickly discovered that no matter how fabulous some women (and guys) looked, it didn't mean that they were  confident. In fact, the opposite was more common. So many were lacking self-esteem. They may have appeared and acted in a  confident  manner, but it was skin deep! I began to 'coach' them without even knowing what coaching was. It came naturally to me. Little did I know then that coaching was so much deeper.

Then ​one day I read an advertisement for Lifecoach Training and it sounded too good to be true.

I knew that this was my perfect next step! Once again I was in heaven. There was a 'right way' to do this and I was thirsty for knowledge? Woohoo! 

Except! After the training, I had to figure out how the heck I was supposed to get clients? I'd taken further professional training with the best Coaching School in the US  and somehow that seemed the best place to start. Once again I followed my gut and began to attract clients in the US, Ireland and England. I still prefer to coach clients from around the globe, so no matter where you live I have a local phone number for you to access our calls. I like to keep things simple.

So there I was happy but clueless about actually running a business. I took the time (years) and invested the dollars (thousands of) to learn the technology, marketing, sales, systems and so on  until I became knowledgeable and pretty skilled.  I learned to create my own website, write, create programmes, enrol clients and all the myriad of things I needed to do to succeed. I also discovered that I actually like all the tech stuff and most of the biz side of things. And, what I don't like, I can outsource. 

From life coaching to Biz Coaching was a natural progression based on clients' needs and the changes they were making. together with my own experiences and trainings. This began a whole host of new issues, usually around inner games. Following my usual pattern I invested further and gained my certification as an NLP Practitioner - and then Master Practitioner in 2016.  So happily I can add Mindset and NLP coach to my CV. I am currently taking further training.

Based on my own experience I can promise you it is never too late!​ (Becoming a mountain biker at almost 50 was one of the best things I ever did.)

If one of your gremlins is fear then this blog will give you a different perspective.  ​

If you are connecting with prospective clients but not sure how to engage them, this blog post will help.​

On a personal note.  I'm English and  live in Australia with my partner of more than 25  years.  He and I spend a lot of time laughing, cycling and enjoying the laid back Australian Lifestyle. Neither of us is keen to have 'roots' and divide our time between 4 'homes' - one of which is a yacht. Each one provides a different environment and keeps us from getting too comfortable with the status quo. We haven't lived in a house for more than 20 years.

We can always find reasons not to do something however when we do them anyway that's when the magic happens. Are you ready for some magic in your life? Is now the perfect time for you to step up and create a business and lifestyle you love?

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