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I'm often asked what tools and services I use to run my business and I've selected the best to share with you here. I only recommend services and tools that I use and love.

The Coaches Console is the resource that gives me a sexy back end for my business. Everything from CRM to agreements and payments, a shopping cart, website and newsletter. The Console allows me to coach without having to worry about  details. This one resource has saved me thousands of dollars over the  years I've been using it and it just keeps getting better. The founders are coaches themselves and know the importance of systems and structure. Click on the image above and see for yourself. I'm an affiliate of the Coaches Console, which means that I gain a small commission when you join.

Thrive Themes offer a suite of conversion focused website themes and plug-ins that are second to none. Shane Mellaugh is one of the smartest guys I know when it comes to website design. I actually don't have a Thrive Theme however I do use Thrive Content Builder and was able to keep the theme I already have and re-create my pages and blog posts with Thrive. That's how clever this plug-in is. If I was starting again I would definitely install one of their themes. Everything they design is beautiful and the primary focus is on conversion optimization. Click on image to check out the themes and plug-ins. This page was created using Thrive Content Builder. And it's all drag and drop! No little 'boxes' to work in either! Love that.

Bluehost is my Web Host of choice. I have been with them for about 10 years. The beauty is that I have very few problems and when I do I hop straight onto the chat box and my problem is quickly and efficiently sorted . I love Bluehost. No affiliation with Bluehost or Thrive Themes,  just companies that I'm happy to rave about!

A few of my Favourite Books!

  • The Four Agreements  by Don Miguel Ruiz - simple rules to live by
  • Psycho Cybernetics By Dr. Maxwell Maltz - this book is a must read for anyone interested in personal development
  • ​Mind Works - Anne Linden (NLP) - One of the first NLP books I read and full of valid information
  • ​Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - Joe Dispenza - this book is potentially life changing
  • GET CLIENTS NOW! By C. J. Hayden  - This is the book we use in the Programme of the same name. I'm a licensed facilitator.
  • 30 Days to NLP by Dr. Heidi Heron and Laureli Blyth (my NLP trainers at NLP Worldwide) - A great intro to NLP in language you will understand

and some  Favourite Tools!

  • TRELLO - I use Trello boards for organizing anything and everything in my life and biz. I love it.  (Free)
  • CANVA is my go to design tool for graphics of all kinds  (Free)
  • ​BIG STOCK photos have great images and if I can't find them on Canva, this is next on my list (pay)
  • ​ZAMZAR - helps with file conversion simply and quickly 
  • SPENDING TRACKER is an app that I use on my smart phone to keep track of daily spending + Very simple to use (Free)
  • BUFFER -is a fabulous tool to help keep your Social Media posts organized and you can  pre-schedule 

A medley of  writings you may enjoy.